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rice paper rolls

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Rice paper rolls are delicious prepared ahead but are more fun and much fresher made at the table.

Take a single rice paper, soften it in hot water and place it on your plate. Now put a little of everything on it.

– rice vermicelli which has been soaked in hot  water until just soft enough to eat

-some salad vegetables (we used cucumber and carrot lightly pickled with some rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar)

-slivers of spring onions

-fresh mint and Vietnamese mint

-a protein of your choice (we used pork marinated with hoisin sauce, fish sauce and oil and grilled before slicing).


Now fold over one end, then the two sides and roll up into a cigar-like shape.


An essential part of the experience, the dipping sauce is made by mixing hoisin sauce and a little peanut butter with hot water for consistency.Vietnamese pickled chilli is good for some added spice.

What a great way to eat!


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