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nepalese goat curry

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Deliciously sweet goat meat cooked in sumptuous spices and falling off the bone. Enjoy this with roti or rice.


Marinate 1.2 kg (2¾ lbs) of diced goat meat (preferably bone-in) in a little vegetable oil, ½ a cup of full-cream yoghurt, 1 teaspoon each of  cumin, coriander, dry mango powder (amchur) and chilli powder and ½ a teaspoon each of ground fenugreek seeds and salt. Chop 2 red onions, 2-3 tomatoes and ½ a bunch of coriander (cilantro), finely dice or grate 2-3 cloves of garlic and a similar amount of fresh ginger and slice 2 fresh green chillies (remove the seeds if you want it less spicy). In a pressure cooker (or a deep saucepan) heat 2 tablespoons of ghee then add 2 bay leaves, 1 stick of cinnamon, 3 cardamom pods and 3 whole cloves. When they are slightly brown add the chillies, onions and 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds and continue to cook until they are also browning. Add 3 teaspoons each of sugar, ground cumin and ground coriander and cook for 2 minutes on medium to high heat. Add the goat meat and stir well ensuring that the meat is properly coated with all the spices. Add the tomatoes and half of the coriander. Cook uncovered over low heat for 10-15 minutes. When the water starts to come out add the rest of the coriander, cover and cook over medium heat until the meat is soft and falling off the bone (15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker and longer in a saucepan). If the curry is still too wet, cook uncovered a little longer to reduce the liquid.


Written by michelle picker

May 29, 2014 at 5:55 am

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